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Passion and dedication

What would the Vechtehof be without its team. Thanks to our fantastic staff, our beloved four-legged friends can be well looked after. With passion and dedication, each and every one of them has a watchful eye and knows the idiosyncrasies of their charges very well.

We are incredibly proud to have such a great team, which is there for the horses at all times of the day and night.

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The Vechtehof team

Wolfgang Egbers

Chef of the house

He convinces with his expertise as a trainer. With his commitment as an examiner for Pferdewirte and Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, our trainees have the best conditions to acquire and learn a lot of know-how. The boss personally works each of our young horses on the lunge so that the young stars are optimally prepared for their future tasks as riding horses with calmness and composure.
In addition to his skills as a trainer, Wolfgang Egbers is also a judge up to advanced level, a member of the board of the FN sports department, a member of the board of the DOKR for training and science and 2nd deputy president and chairman of the dressage section of the German Riders’ and Drivers’ Association (DRFV e.V.).

Sabine Egbers

Chef of the house

She is the good soul who not only trains her horses every day with great attention to detail, but also supports the trainees with great passion and lots of advice. On the side, she conjures up a super delicious lunch every day, which makes the whole team happy.
Sabine successfully passed her apprenticeship as a Pferdewirtin as well as the Pferdewirtschaftsmeister with the Stensbeck award and was the youngest graduate of the Pferdewirtschaftsmeister examination at the time she was 21.
She achieved each of the ten S victories for her Golden Riding Badge with a different horse she had trained herself! In the meantime, she has more than 400 victories and placings in competitions up to Grand Prix level to her credit and we hope that many more successes will follow. The main focus of her training and further education programmes is dressage. She works with riders and horses up to Grand Prix level.

Marie-Sophie de Gruyter

2nd year of training husbandry & service

We welcomed Marie-Sophie to the Vechtehof team in August 2023. She is very committed to the welfare of the horses and is constantly developing with her own dressage horse. We really appreciate your self-sacrificing nature towards the horses and are very grateful that you are here.

Lukas Wilmes


Lukas has enriched our team since the beginning of 2024. He is very helpful and takes care of everything that arises on the farm. Above all, he has the pasture management with our beloved four-legged friends fully in view and is also an enrichment for us in the team for manual things.

Janet Hüttich-Egbers


She is the daughter of the house. Riding was therefore something she was practically born with. Thanks to her parents, she was allowed to be in the Weser-Ems squad at a young age in the pony to young rider period, to be part of the national squad with her successful horse Daniel Craig and to take part in the Piaff Sponsorship Prize in the U25 Grand Prix. She was able to celebrate numerous titles at Nations Cups, Championships as well as Team Gold at the European Championships for prospective equestrians (EEN). She particularly enjoys training young horses up to the highest level as well as training her students. She currently looks after her protégés in Hamburg, does online marketing and helps organise the dressage competitions at the Vechtehof.

Philipp Hüttich

The man for all cases

He is a real all-rounder. Not possible? No way! Philipp finds a solution for everything! Whether it’s repairs at the yard, event technology at the shows or videos and photos of our horses for sale. With great attention to detail, he designs and programs new graphics for the event screen and plans the complete power supply and sound system at the shows.
Together with Janet he lives in Hamburg and does research in the field of aeronautical engineering during the week, so that hopefully in a few years he will be able to call himself Dr. of Mechanical Engineering. We are always very happy when our all-rounder comes by the Vechtehof on the one or other weekend.

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Princess of the House

She is smaller than her half-brother Chippy, but the older of the two and she always celebrates her birthday with Wolfgang. She has 7/8 Jack Russell and 1/8 Dachshund in her. That is a very special mixture. Abby is the real boss of the farm. At least that’s what she thinks and, as a well-behaved farm dog, she lets out a loud bark when someone strange comes onto the farm. She also knows her riding horses very well and doesn’t leave her friends’ side when they leave their box.


Prince of the House

He lives up to his breed. If the boss is on his heels and at least one ear is open, you can do a lot of nonsense on a farm. Stealing things is especially popular. That’s for sure: Chippy keeps everyone on their toes and it definitely doesn’t get boring with him. Our little up-and-coming guard dog has realised his job and is completely at home in his role.

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