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Questions on the subject of dressage courses

How long does a training session last during riding lessons?

In principle, a lesson lasts 45 minutes. At the beginning of the training session the horse does not necessarily have to be loose. This will be worked out during the training session.
After consultation, lessons of 30 minutes can also be booked, whereby the warm-up or release phase should take place independently beforehand.

How many days can I book a course?

The Vechtehof is very flexible regarding the period of the course. Should you wish to book a course at the Vechtehof for several weeks, you must discuss this with Wolfgang Egbers early enough, as the box occupancy must be planned accordingly. Of course, there are also rest and recovery days for the course participants, which can be discussed individually.

How many weeks in advance do I have to book a course?

Optimally, you contact us with your request at least 1. month in advance, if not even earlier, that the desired date can actually be met. The earlier you contact us, the sooner we can guarantee your desired date.

Can I stable my horse at a training course at the Vechtehof?

Of course, horses can be stabled at the Vechtehof. However, this should be requested from Wolfgang Egbers in good time, as the boxes are usually very full.

What are the minimum requirements or level for the dressage course?

On site at Vechtehof the minimum requirement is A level dressage. The minimum requirement for away courses is L level.

Questions about buying a horse

What is the process of buying a horse?

The process of buying a horse can be roughly divided into 3 steps. 1.
1. Try out the horse
Have you fallen in love with one of our horses for sale? If so, please contact us to arrange an appointment so that the horse can be shown and tried out. We recommend a second trial so that you can be sure that you and the horse are a good match.
2. Purchase examination
Are you sure that you want to buy the horse that you have already tried out? If so, we recommend that you have the horse examined before signing the contract in order to check the horse’s state of health.
3. Conclusion of the contract and settlement
After the purchase examination has been approved, the only thing left to do is to conclude the contract. Together we will record all the details discussed in a purchase contract and process the payment. After receipt of payment, your new darling can move in with you.
Every horse purchase is individual, but the basic procedure of a horse purchase can be recommended to everyone from our point of view.

Questions on the topic of training to become a Pferdewirt

What are the main areas of focus in the training of Pferdewirte?

There are a total of 5 specialisations.
1. classical riding training
2. husbandry and service
3. breeding
4. horse racing
5. special riding styles (e.g. western riding)

How long does the training as a Pferdewirt take?

The training of a Pferdewirt, regardless of the focus, normally takes 3 years. If the trainee has passed the Abitur, the training as a Pferdewirt can be shortened to 2 years in consultation with the trainer.

Which school subjects are important for training as a horse trainer?

Basically, at Vechtehof, school grades are not decisive for starting the training as a horse manager. Of course, it is an advantage if, for example, you have knowledge of mathematics for future feed calculations. It is much more important to us that the horses are handled and worked with reliably and conscientiously.

What school-leaving qualification do I need to train as a Pferdewirt?

Legally, there is no minimum school-leaving qualification. Some companies mainly hire trainees with a university entrance qualification or intermediate school leaving certificate. The Vechtehof prefers to get a personal impression of applicants and is happy for them to complete a work placement. This way, both the training company and the applicant know whether they would like to work together in the future.

What do you have to do for the final examination as a Pferdewirt with a focus on riding?

There are 5 examination areas in the subject of classical riding training:
1. dressage training (gymnastics of a horse and L dressage on curb)
2. jumping training (gymnastics of a horse and L course)
3. rider training (giving lessons in dressage and show jumping)
4. horse health, riding and sports theory (written examination)
5. economics and social studies (written examination)

What do you have to do for the final examination as a Pferdewirt with a focus on husbandry and service?

There are 5 examination areas in the specialisation Horsekeeping and Service:
1. customer advice and training
2. moving horses (A level)
3. keeping and caring for horses
4. business organisation
5. economics and social studies

How often do you have to go to vocational school during training to become a Pferdewirt?

Different rules apply in each federal state. In Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, vocational school lessons take place twice a week for the 1st year of apprenticeship and once a week for the 2nd and 3rd year of apprenticeship. At the Vechtehof, the vocational school lessons for the 1st year of apprenticeship take place in Nordhorn, which is easy to reach by public transport. The 2nd and 3rd apprenticeship year have their vocational school lessons in Vechta or, by arrangement, in Münster.

How do I become a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister?

The basic prerequisite is that the training as a Pferdewirt has been successfully passed and 2 years of professional experience have been gained. Under special conditions, proven 4 years of professional experience can also replace the training as a Pferdewirt, so that participation in the Pferdewirtschafsmeister examination is permitted. The Pferdewirtschaftsmeister examination is different depending on the specialisation, but can basically be divided into 3 parts.
Part 1: Horse keeping, horse use, horse breeding and services
Part 2: Business and company management
Part 3: Vocational training and staff management
After all 3 parts (minimum duration 1 year) have been successfully completed, one is officially a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister.

Questions on the subject of horse shows

What do I call a horse show?

You must register with the German Equestrian Federation. There you will find the digital possibilities for horse show entry.

Where can I declare readiness to start at the horse show?

At the horse shows in Haftenkamp you can announce your readiness to start via Equi-Score.

What is meant by paperless judging?

Dressage tests are increasingly being documented without paper. Instead of paper protocol sheets, the judges’ scores and comments are entered directly into an iPad by the scribe. After the end of the ride, the results are sent digitally, so that the results of all judges are available within a few seconds.

Where can I find my online logs from the horse show?

You can find your online records of the Haftenkamp horse show at FN-Levelup. You have to log in with your access data

I can't retrieve my minutes from the horse show, what can I do?

Please contact for missing online logs from the Haftenkamp horse show. Please tell us your first and last name, the horse you rode and the competition number in which you rode. We will send you the corresponding online protocol.

How can I advertise my company at horse shows?

At the Haftenkamp horse show we can offer you different advertising possibilities. Advertising texts, logos, image film, product presentation and equipment, advertising banners and award ceremonies can be used by your company for advertising measures. If you are interested, please contact Wolfgang Egbers.

How do I become an advertising partner/sponsor at the Vechtehof?

Please contact Wolfgang Egbers for further information. You are welcome to consider in advance which advertising measures are of interest to you. Wolfgang Egbers will work with you to find the right advertising measures for your company at the Vechtehof.