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Four-star boarding horse husbandry

Vechtehof Egbers has been providing horses with a home for over 50 years. It is very important to the Egbers family that horses and riders have the best possible conditions for keeping and training. These include, for example, high quality feed, plenty of free movement, good riding surfaces and qualified riding lessons. In addition, a comprehensive service is offered so that the horses are well looked after even when their owners are away.

Individual and professional care for your horse

Every horse has its own individual needs and habits, which must be taken into account. Together with you, we will discuss what rhythm your horse has and needs so that an optimal daily routine can be guaranteed. We are committed to responding to each horse individually, because in addition to the right attitude, professional and caring care and training are also part of practiced animal welfare.

In order to promote the concentration and motivation of the horses, we offer a wide range of variety with optimal training conditions. Owners who stable their horses at Vechtehof are offered an all-round carefree program according to their wishes and needs. Species-appropriate husbandry including daily grazing service, individually adapted feeding and exceptional care of the horses are a matter of course for us. Are you interested in a boarding place? Then please get in touch with us!

Our service for your horse

Professional care for your horse

2x daily roughage (haylage)

3x daily individual concentrate feeding with Marstall oat-free muesli and crushed oats/barley mixture

For the evening feed, there is also mountain meadow mash and carrots

Mo-Sa mucking out the horse stalls, Sun littering (standard straw, shavings possible with surcharge)

Regular pasture hygiene and care

Daily grazing by arrangement

Bells, gaiters and blankets are put on and taken off as required

2x washing areas (1x hot water connection)

Use of the solarium

Use of ebb and flow paddock for lunging or exercise

Use of dressage arena 2 (20x60m, drained riding surface)

Riding out along a river (Vechte)

Use of dressage arena 1 (24x65m, drained riding surface and floodlights)

Use of the indoor riding arena (20x40m, 20m safety mirror on the short side, music system, spectator area)

Stay in the warm Reiterstübchen with a view of the riding hall incl. guest WLAN

Organization of shoeing appointments with the regular farriers

Organization worming treatment 4 times a year according to the vet’s recommendation

SMS/telephone service (e.g. if we notice something unusual about the horse)

Administration of additives or medication if required

Vet vaccination service if desired

Feedback from our customers

My path to Wolfgang and Sabine Egbers is perhaps a little different than usual.
Riders are looking for a new home for their horses, I was looking for a new salvation for myself after difficult times when my horses had to move with me. After almost half a year, I can now say that I have gradually found myself again and Wolfgang, Sabine and their team have played a big part in this.
The whole team lives for the horses and their owners.
My conclusion is that the horse owners' concerns are taken on board first. The smallest changes are noticed and communicated. Feeding is individually adapted to each horse with information given to the owners.
My two four-legged friends and I have settled in well and feel very comfortable with you. Thank you for that.

Ruth Elbert

Would you like to board your horse with us?

For more details, please contact Wolfgang Egbers.
We look forward to your inquiry!

+49 172 5938 758

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