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Transitions are the be-all and end-all

They are an integral part of every training session, last only a few seconds and yet say a lot about the permeability of a horse: transitions. Good transitions from one gait to another are clearly recognizable, flowing and harmonious. Tact and looseness are maintained, as is the soft connection between the rider’s hand and the horse’s mouth. In this PM seminar, master horse trainer Wolfgang Egbers explains the criteria of good transitions. With different horse-rider pairs he shows in practice how transitions can be systematically worked out and improved.

Date: Monday 13.03.2023
Time: 18:00 clock – 21:00 clock
Venue: Equestrian Sport Community Nienhagen, Nienhagener Str. 31, 29336 Nienhagen
Organizer: Equestrian Sports Association Hannover e. V.

Admission: PM 20 Euro, non-PM 30 Euro, children up to 12 years 0 Euro, PM up to 18 years 10 Euro
Registration:, phone 02581/6362-247 or