Sabine Egbers started her season very good with three 3rd places on Intermediare II level and a short Grand Prix test with her horse Leuchtfeuer. After a few weeks they improved and won their first Grand Prix Special together with 69,51%!

She was also quite successful with the gelding Fiderprinz. They won a medium level test with 71,162% and and a few weeks later another test on medium**level. After that, they were going one level higher to St.Georges level, which they finished with a 2nd place.

Roger Moore won his second test on St.George level with Sabine at our home competition. Further, we are also very proud of Sabine and Berti. They finished their first younghorse test on medium level with a
1st place.

Janet Egbers won her 8th, 9th and finally the 10th St.George Test with her horse Daniel Craig. Now they will be awarded with the highest education award – the golden riding badge “Goldenes Reitabzeichen”.

Explanation: If you start competing here in Germany you must pass tests called “Reitabzeichen” on the lowest levels before you are allowed to compete at higher classes. This is a must up to the elementary level, then you get the silver “Reitabzeichen”. After that, you are only allowed to ride in higher classes when you can prove placements on elementary level tests and after that, on the higher class, etc.

If you want to get the highest award/ ”Reitabzeichen”, you have to win 10x in a St.George test. Then you will get your award most times on a big competition within a presentation and celebration of your riding,
awarded by prominent people of the German riding society.

Last but not least, our student Amandine Volland won a younghorse test with our mare Fleur and another younghorse test on novice level with the mare Fiskarja. After a few weeks Fiskarja won her debut in the
younghorse test on elementary level ridden by Janet Egbers.

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